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1a : a all-natural progressively continuing Procedure or development marked by a series of gradual improvements that be successful one another in a comparatively fixed way and direct towards a specific consequence or close the process of development the process of digestion

Process administration, ensemble of things to do of arranging and monitoring the efficiency of a business process or producing processes

Processes routinely will need to communicate, As an example within a shell pipeline, the output of the first process have to go to the next 1, and the like to another process. It's most popular in a very effectively-structured way not making use of interrupts.

if a little something is happening, and another thing happens during the process, the next detail transpires because of the main:

process - condition, form, or increase a cloth; "function stone into instruments"; "process iron"; "work the metallic"

styloid process a long, pointed projection, especially an extended backbone projecting downward within the inferior surface in the temporal bone.

tail - the posterior Element of the body of a vertebrate specially when elongated and lengthening further than the trunk or key A part of your body

working, overall performance, Procedure - process or method of performing or working; "the strength of its engine establishes its operation"; "the airplane's Procedure in higher winds"; "they as opposed the cooking functionality of each oven"; "the jet's effectiveness conformed to large specifications"

tentacle - any of various elongated tactile or prehensile adaptable organs that take place on The top or near the mouth in several animals; used for experience or grasping or locomotion

S. Section of State or U.S. govt endorsement of your entity, its sights, the products and solutions or solutions it provides, or the accuracy of information contained therein. The get wherein names surface has no importance, as well as listings or one-way links could possibly be eliminated at any time on the discretion in the Division.

Among about 70 notable meridional ridges projecting in the corona ciliaris from the choroid coat of the attention indian visa to which the suspensory ligament with the lens is connected.

ethmoid process a bony projection earlier mentioned and powering the maxillary process on the inferior nasal concha.

) into outputs. These outputs then serve as inputs for the following phase right until a recognized aim or final result is achieved.

Any subset from the assets, commonly at least the processor state, could be connected to Each individual in the process' threads in running devices that aid threads or child processes.

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